Strategic Brand Consulting

Strategic Brand Consulting.

The vision to brand and position a region through sports on a domestic or international scale, calls for a long term strategic identity and realization planning. Emerging international scenarios and local perspectives are to be balanced by a superior planning and implementation strategy. This applies to both established emerging and established brands, as well as unique start-ups.


  • Strategic sports development planning on regional, national and international levels.
  • Cross-cultural sensitive management approach to multi-national projects in global regions.
  • Implementation of professionalization requirements of governing federations.
  • Public advocacy engagement with media, multipliers, political and corporate stakeholders.
  • Analysis of long term business operational development, costs and yields.
  • Innovative cross-marketing and branding campaigns utilizing multi-channel media mix strategy.
  • Digital identification and selection to cluster and reach audiences and customers.
  • Viral Marketing for peer recommendation and referral management in online communities.