Fan, Spectator & Membership Development

Fan, Spectator & Membership Development.

Fans and members are the loyal and vital link of a sports club between its history, tradition and future. At the same time, those key peer groups need to turn into the cornerstone of the clubs economic development perspective. Any strategic business planning process must include a strategy for sustainable fan, member and spectator growth as a stringent element of the core business development outline.


  • Design and implementation of an integrated fan / CRM development strategy
  • Analytical structuring and targeted reach-out to potential fan-, spectator and member target groups
  • Creation of customized loyalty, identity and ownership programs towards the specified target groups
  • Fan, member and customer appreciation initiatives
  • Business concepts to grow and optimize incremental customer revenues
  • Effective use of a strong and viable fan, member and spectator audience for external communication, PR, media, sponsorship acquisition and brand building.