Event Management & Planning

Event Management & Planning.

Events and games represent the business card and the most unique show case of a sports brand. Unlike on any other occasion, this is where fans and customers are won over or lost for good. This dynamic develops significant impact on any stadium borne revenue. With sporting success always uncertain, the overall stadium event experience, however, can be designed and crafted to deliver the key identity of a reliably. This will be decisive to retain existing fans and develop new customer target groups.


  • Delivery of a stellar stadium and venue event experience as a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Developing brand and stadium identity across divers fan groups and attendees
  • Day-of-Event creative management and experience implementation
  • Management and alignment with artists, bands, entertainment, video and sponsor presentations
  • Overall event planning, budgeting, controlling and sub-contractor alignment
  • Inter-active involvement of fans, guests and sponsors into the overall event experience
  • Introduction of competitive onsite catering, sales, merchandise and payment systems.