Digital: Online & E-Business

Digital: Online & E-Business.

A dynamic and interfaced digital presence (e.g. homepage, social media, CRM, Youtube) serves as key engagement platforms between fans, members, management, sponsors, media and the public. Digital media tools are tailored to address all communication needs on a highly individual basis. A comprehensive digital strategy will generate additional revenues, develop target audiences and convey key brand messaging.


  • Creation of an inter-active, multi-polar online communications and social media platform
  • Online data base management of fan, customer and membership liaison and engagement
  • Digital identification and selection to cluster and reach audiences and customers
  • Viral Marketing for peer recommendation and referral in online communities
  • Integrated online CRM, ticketing and sales concepts, database management and e-payment
  • Direct e-Marketing, reaching audiences and customers in most cost and message effective way
  • Social Media Marketing, driving audience and public identification across national and cultural borders
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Advertising (SEA) to direct fans and public to brand online presence.