Strategic Brand & Corporate Communications

Strategic Brand & Corporate Communications.

In an ever changing environment, strongly shaped by external factors and digital media, corporate communications do have a decisive impact on the brand image, public awareness and the business viability of commercial actors both at home and abroad.


  • Survey, analysis and assessment of major media trends and story development
  • Corporate brand positioning and presentation to optimize brand image and product awareness
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), identifying vulnerable groups, worthy projects and causes
  • Use of digital media and social media platforms to drive corporate image and shape trends
  • Intercultural competence and liaison to engage productively with unique target audiences and stakeholder groups
  • Public Diplomacy and Public Advocacy to position and drive challenging issues
  • Crisis Communication addressing contentious issues early on with the goal to minimize potential threats and damages
  • Engagement with government, media, federations, business associations and the IO/NGO domain.
  • Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and Liaison for clients in conflict situations and complex crisis regions.