About SBCI

About SBC International

With a nearly 30 year senior level record in inter-cultural business management and liaison, in corporate and public communications, in the strategic planning and development of pro-sports, in defense and security, Tilman Engel has been active in a wide variety of roles in the private, public and inter-governmental brackets on three continents.

Assignments with and within cross-cultural management teams extended to close engagements with stakeholders on the very senior public administration, corporate board, media, politics, sports, security & defense and the IO/NGO humanitarian levels. This background provides for a unique combination of core competencies and reliable networks to advice customers on:

  • Strategic, digital and corporate communications, branding, marketing and sales
  • media relations, PR, key-leader liaison, Public Advocacy and Public Diplomacy
  • best approaches to business opportunities in Qatar and the Arab Gulf region
  • Optimizing the intriguing world of professional sports business across countries and cultures.